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Ethos Human Performance is accepting applications for a Strength and Conditioning Interns. We are looking for motivated candidates with a great work ethic. Successful candidates will be able to hold themselves with a level of professionalism while also adding to the competitive and encouraging environment that Ethos withholds. At our high-level training facility, we hold our clients and athletes to a high standard, expecting their best effort day in and day out. This same is true for our staff and interns alike. In order to get the most out of our athletes and clients we have to make sure we give the most of ourselves as well in order to achieve greatness.

We offer structured educational internships that teach the scientific methodology that we implement with our pros, athletes and clients alike. These teachings will enhance your training knowledge, making you become a better leader and superior coach. If you have a passion for training, a passion for changing lives, a strong work ethic and are looking to enhance your professional career, please apply to the Ethos Team today!

Complete an online application here

Or Contact Us for more information and all other inquiries.


Offsite Training & Educational Services

Ethos programs are proven to be effective when implemented with the high level of detail that our coaches apply. When you train at Ethos, you know you will receive advanced, scientific based training, from a holistic viewpoint. This training sets each athlete up for success and the competitive level they are at, while preparing them for to be greater at the next level.


We would love to share our methodology with you. Our goals is to help coaches, teachers and organizations be able to better prepare and train their athletes more efficiently and effectively. As a sports organization or school, our Ethos programing is available for purchase. This guarantees that you will implement sound, effective, and proven strength principles within your own team, to create your very own powerhouse athletes.

This way you can implement sound, effective and proven strength programs with your own team, in order to create your very own powerhouse of athletes. The same Ethos leaders that created the program will ensure that your coaching staff and teachers are thoroughly prepared to utilize the program to its fullest with their own athletes. Ethos coaches will spend time training your staff, to ensure they know how to run the program effectively and with great detail.


We are eager to be a part of the development of your team, as well as the coaches who will lead the team.

For pricing and all other inquiries please Contact Us

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