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Athletic Development

At Ethos, our scientific methodology is designed to build and improve the athlete holistically. Our goal is to mentally prepare each athlete for the obstacles they will face on and off the playing field, to constantly prepare them for the next level. Ethos coaches are highly trained in the comprehensive aspects of sports performance in order to construct a high-level and long-term athlete. 

Areas of athletic development stressed at Ethos:

  • Activation and Corrective Exercises

  • Dynamic and Functional Warm-Up

  • Core, Balance and Kinesthetic Awareness

  • Mobility and Injury Prevention

  • Strength and Power Performance

  • Speed & Agility Training

  • Biomechanical Improvement

  • Confidence and Mental Toughness

  • Nutrition and Supplementation


These training methods are intended to be instilled in a wide variety of athletes. No matter where you are in your athletic career or what sport, you are not too young or too high-level to implement these values to enhance your overall performance.


Whether you are a:

-10 year Pro or Rookie who needs to prepare for the next step

-D1 college athlete or a walk on freshman

-An all-conference high school standout or someone trying to make it on the team/club

-The next youth prodigy or the young kid trying a sport for the first time and looking to find their niche.


No matter the level or sports you find yourself within, Ethos and the environment our gym provides is the perfect fit for you.

Click Here to Learn more about the athletic development at various stages

Personal & Small Group Training

Most individuals need the extra guidance in the gym to take out the guess work as well as making your efforts more time efficient. From the gym novice to the long-time gym goer, our coaches will provide the individualized program, motivation and scientific methodology in order to achieve your goals.


Upon discussing your goals, our coaches will create an individualized, science-based program to ensure you will see success in the most time efficient manner. These programs are intended to challenge you, encourage you, and improve your overall health and wellness in a holistic sense. No one should be stagnant in their training or complacent in their goals. While working with our trainers you will not only crush your current goals, but also take your health and fitness journey further than you ever thought you could go.


Personal Training: We offer on-the-hour sessions, in order to work around your schedule. Each program is personalized around your fitness goals, to keep you on track and accountable. The one-on-one attention assures that you will be performing exercises safely and effectively, while being pushed through the whole process.  


Group Training: Have a group of friends all with similar goals? Share the experience with them at a time that is convenient with all of your schedules (up to 10 people). Depend on the accountability and enthusiasm of a group and a high-level coach. Even in a group setting, the coach will continue to instill proper form, safety and a scientific based program while meeting the needs of each group member.


At Ethos, we are committed to not only meeting your personal goals, but taking you further than you ever thought you could go in an encouraging and inspiring environment. We are looking forward to working with you!


For pricing and all other inquiries please Contact Us

Athletic Development

Off Site & Team Training

Do you have a team that needs training outside of their sport? Whether it be a youth league, high school team, club team, collegiate team, professional team Ethos will ensure each individual develops to their greatest potential.


Our comprehensive programs will ensure that your team will improve sports specific biomechanics, functional strength, speed mechanics, explosiveness, reactiveness, power output, confidence, mental toughness, and team camaraderie.


Our coaches and methods at Ethos will ensure to prepare your team physically and mentally for the challenges they will face as a team in a given sport. No matter the age, sport, or level of professionalism, the Ethos programming is result driven and tailored to the need of the team.


We are eager to be a part of the development of your team, both physically and mentally.

Ethos Human Performance offers both In-House and Off-Site training.

Our 22,000sq ft facility has plenty of room to train a wide variety of teams. However, it might be more conducive to your team’s schedule to have one of our trainers travel to your facility for training. That is why we offer Off-Site Team training to accommodate the team’s schedule and travel. This ensures you will receive a high-level, scientific training program, and a comprehensive coach at the convenience of training at your own facility.


 We are eager to be a part of the development of your team, both physically and mentally. 

For pricing and all other inquiries please Contact Us


Gym Membership

Our gym’s “ethos” and culture are distinguished from others. We have cultivated a competitive, encouraging, and family environment for everyone who walks through the door. That environment is accessible to you at the complete convenience of your own time with a general gym membership. Ethos equipment is the perfect combination of state of the art and old school grit. Maybe you are a long-time gym goer and want a gym to do your own thing and not be bothered. Or, maybe you want to do your own workouts, but with the camaraderie and community of other gym goers. Either way Ethos is the perfect fit for you.


A gym membership at Ethos ensures you have access to our facility, equipment and recovery tools at the convenience of your own time. With your Ethos gym membership, take part in fitness classes at a discounted rate. 


Average Joe/Average Jane Plans:

These plans are available to our Ethos members. Upon meeting with a coach to discuss fitness goals, the coach will create an individualized program for you to do on your own time. A similar approach to personal training, but tailored to be convenient with your schedule. Get the scientific and progressive program tailored to you, but come into the gym and complete it on your own time.


Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, Ethos is certain to meet your needs.

To schedule a tour, pricing information and all other inquiries please Contact Us


Field Rental

Need that indoor space when the Michigan weather won’t cooperate?  Need an easy solution for a birthday party?  Part time sports coach that needs time to coach his athletes for the sport? Need a wide-open location for a seminar? 

Inside Ethos 

325 sq feet Lounge area  - Great for meetings, birthday functions, seminars, coaching sessions, and etc.

70 yard length x 10 yard width turf field - great for any sport activity, birthday functions, batting cage access, artificial ice, and more! 


Ethos Human Regeneration

Ethos Human Performance encompasses specialized, comprehensive evaluations of individuals with movement impairments due to disease or injury of the nervous system. Upon the evaluation, a comprehensive, scientific-based training program is created based on the goals and needs of the individual. Our training provides personalized treatment with the primary focus of restoring function and improving overall quality of life.

Commonly Treated Conditions:

  • Spinal Cord Injury

  • Stroke

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • Parkinson’s Disease

  • Muscular Sclerosis

  • Spasticity/muscle tone


The brain, spinal cord, and CNS control movement and sensation. For Regeneration clients at Ethos, we understand that decreased intensity of activity leads to a decline in function and other health problems. Our trainers at Ethos will utilize a scientific-based, personalized approach in order to increase intensity in workouts, instill proper bio-mechanical movements, increase muscular strength and endurance. Our goal is to get each client moving; improving fine motor skills, complex movement patterns such as walking mechanics, and overall strength and endurance.

Some Areas of Focus in our treatment Includes but not limited to:

  • Restoring and Improving Upon Range of Motion

  • Muscular Activation and Recruitment

  • Fine Motor Skill Improvement

  • Proper Biomechanics & Gait Training

  • Improving Core Strength & Stability

  • Balance Training & Kinesthetics Awareness

  • Improving upon Daily Living Performance and Overall Quality of Life


We look forward to working with you! Come and define your very own Ethos with us.


For questions or all other inquiries please Contact Us




Ethos Human Regeneration

Ethos Human Performance Screen

Ethos Human Performance offers an in-depth evaluation that measures one’s muscular strengths, deficiencies and imbalances. This information is measured and recorded while performing isolated muscular exercises that require peak force activation with optimal range of motion. Throughout these exercises, our highly trained coaching staff is able to analyze the data and asses the client’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas of needed improvement. This crucial information will be implemented in one’s personalized training program, to aid in: injury prevention, injury rehabilitation and muscular strength gains; making one the most well-rounded, elite athlete or individual.

This screen is utilized for:

  • A high-level athlete that wants to be elite in their sport in regards to strength, mobility, and injury prevention

  • An individual looking to get to the root cause behind chronic pain or fatigue

  • An athlete or individual who does not want to fall victim to injury, rather wanting to improve upon necessary areas for injury prevention

  • A novice just beginning their fitness journey, looking to gain understanding of where to begin

  • A long-time, highly trained individual who is looking to assess and hone in on areas of needed improvement

  • Anyone who is eager to get a full understanding of how their body functions and how to improve upon it!

This thorough screen is inclusive to everyone who trains at Ethos and is highly encouraged!


For more information or for all other inquiries please 

Contact Us

Ethos Performance Screen

Ethos Human Performance Nutrition Consult

One of the most important things one can do in tandem with their strength training is to optimally fuel themselves with specific, individualized, nutrient dense foods that will aid in their training. Ethos Human Performance provides you with a team of comprehensive, seasoned dietitians to help you attain all of your goals; whether it be weight loss, muscular gains, sports-specific improvement, etc.


Our head dietician, Maureen, has over 25 years of experience; currently serving as the Nutrition Coordinator for the MLB Detroit Tigers. As an accomplished athlete herself, Maureen understands the importance of solid, practical nutrition for optimum performance. Underneath her is a team of well-versed, comprehensive dietitians who understand how vital good nutrition is for success in training or in sport.


When meeting with one of our elite dietitians, you will discuss in depth current eating habit, and determine the specific nutritional requirements needed to help you reach your goals.

Our certified dietitians with create a customized meal plan specific to your unique goals. These meal plans are comprehensive, attainable and completely specific to the individual’s needs.


If you are currently training and looking to maximize your results, schedule a consult today.  Contact Us


Nutrition Consults for Athletic Performance


As an athlete, your strength training and nutrition will fluctuate based on the season you are in. Our team of dietitians are completely versed in the needs of both in-season and off-season nutrition. Our team is focused on creating a plan that is both nutrient dense and practical for the busy athlete. In order to capitalize on the time an athlete is putting into their training, take the guessing game out of what your fueling your body with.


Schedule a consult with our team to maximize your performance, reduce risk of injury, and perform at your highest potential in the weight room and in your sport. 

For questions or all other inquiries please Contact Us




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