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Professional Training

Whether it is from the undrafted rookie to the 13-year vet in any sport Ethos has trained it! We literally have trained the top two NFL Draft picks,  undrafted all pro’s…………………. and everyone in between.

We have results driven programs to train Olympic Wrestlers, NHL Hockey players, Combine Preparation, Bobsledding, Para athletes and every professional in between. Email us for class/ individual training, dietician needs, massage therapy, equipment needs or even offsite planning. Ethos is the one stop shop for all!

We focus on all aspects of training from sport specific strength development to speed and agility focusing on making an athlete more efficient in moving in one’s sport. We also work on sport specific movements. WHAT WE DO IS WHAT WE WILL BECOME! 

Muscular memory is important just as important in sport specific movements as it is in  to development in strength and conditioning! 


Contact Us to set up a tour of the facility!!

College / High School Training

Want to be a D1 athlete or just make Varsity on the high school team? Our level of expertise in development of the mind and body is what takes it to make it to the next level. Our method implements the scientific approach we apply to the pros as well as the mental fortitude to accel at the next level.


We all want to be great inside and out and have the confidence, not cockiness, to shine at the next level. We promote confidence and competitiveness in everything we do from the start of a session to the end.


Youth Training

The earliest years are the most important, not from making my son/daughter the next Tom Brady, Mike Tyson, Christian Renaldo, DAN MOZES but making them an overall better athlete. We have kids who engulf themselves in sport specific athletic development but how about we just development them as athletes. We use our scientific approach to develop these young strong minds in the areas of speed, agility, balance, core, plyometric training, injury prevention to better develop them in any sport.

Team Training

Do you have a youth, high school or professional team that you would like help training? Ethos helps train the trainers as well as providing sport specific training to help athletes exceed their goals. Our programs are proven, results driven and tailored to each teams specific needs. Contact Us today to learn more.



Ethos is a high-level training facility specializing in Combine specific training. Set yourself up for the utmost success with our NFL combine and pro day training. Our comprehensive training will prepare you for every area of the draft process. At Ethos you will get personalized attention in every aspect. With 10+ years of experience preparing athletes for the combine, we understand every detail that goes into a successful training.



We are calling all military, police, fire, and any other tactical personnel to join our Ethos Tactical training program! Our highly trained coaches have worked hard to create a scientific-based tactical strength and conditioning program. We provide elite programming and coaching for professionals who rely on their physical abilities. We want to help increase the tactical community’s camaraderie and strength as a whole. At Ethos, we believe it is our duty to provide men and women in these specialized professions with elite level training that any professional athlete would receive. We are excited to tailor this scientific-based training towards the needs and demands of everyday life as a member of a tactical team.

We know that whether you are preparing to protect American civilians overseas, or right here in your own community, your future or current profession is physically demanding to say the least. It will leave marks on your body and mind like no other. Ethos Tactical is not only designed to help you prepare, elongate, and succeed in your chosen career, but also make your quality of life after your career as high as possible by taking care of your well-being starting today.


For further questions please reach out to . 

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